This is a unique and extraordinary moment in human history. This is a moment of hope and opportunity! As we reflect on the chaos, destruction and systems’ breakdowns on the planet, its important to SHIFT our focus to the phenomenal breakthroughs and innovations catalyzing THE SHIFT in how we perceive reality, the world, ourselves and our future as a species. This SHIFT in consciousness, driven by rapidly advancing technology and global connectivity, already hard wired in many of the younger generations is emerging around the globe in every aspect of our lives.

Conventional media has been focused on the worst and most painful breakdowns in our humanity and limited to a worldview of destruction and ultimate annihilation in one of many possibilities, aimed at keeping the masses fear ridden and feeling powerless. THE SHIFT Movie is a documentary film that shifts lenses and presents a worldview focused on the emerging consciousness around rapidly approaching, unprecedented Abundance, good will and an inspiring new story for the future for humanity, illustrating its many expressions.

In this film, voices of the pioneers, evolutionaries and visionaries imagining and creating a future that is brighter than we think, reveal the evidence that the human story is in the process of an evolutionary leap that is happening exponentially and globally. Each one of us has come to this life, at this unique moment in time, with the opportunity to expand and create. From an evolutionary perspective, the magnitude of planetary crisis is forcing us to consciously evolve.

Each of our individual stories reveals a hero’s journey with moments of discovery, awakening, transformation and vision. Through each challenge we face individually or globally, there is the opportunity to transcend the limitations of the current reality and focus on and create from a place of personal power and vision.

This unique time calls upon each of us to discover our unique gift and contribution to this unfolding. By embracing the Inner SHIFT from powerless to powerful, from victim to deliberate creators of our reality, we ignite the imagination and consciousness to create the world of which we dream. By SHIFTING the conversation from complaining about problems to solving them, individually and together through collaboration and cooperation we are uncovering a New story of what’s possible for our species and the planet.

THE SHIFT Movie shines a light on the magnificence of the human spirit and imagination to overcome adversity. The film presents stories of cultural and technology breakthroughs as well as stories of ordinary individuals doing extraordinary and courageous things to move our culture into the future with peace, love, well being and vision.

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